Drake Music London 06/12/14

As part of the ongoing development of my prototype accessible musical instrument I was recently invited to demo this work at Drake Music in London. A number of musicians and inclusive music practitioners/designers took part, including John Kelly (aka rockinpaddy), Gawain Hewitt, David Del Cid and Gary Day. The demo took the form of an interactive exploration of the instrument (“inGrid”), and an impromptu jam session, which allowed the performers to see and hear inGrid in action, and to comment informally on the ergonomics of the interface and on the accessibility of the musical instrument model as a whole. John Kelly’s comments were particularly astute, relating to the form factor of the interface, and how it might be improved to add a more inclusive dimension – that it might be more accessible to people with other forms of physical impairment, through the use of a removable overlay of recessed holes. This comment was particularly important as it reflects comments made by the disabled musicians who were closely involved with inGrid’s design over the past several months.



Many thanks to all at the Drake offices in London for an enjoyable and informative visit.


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