Managing Windows 10

Another note to self, after trawling endless web articles on maintaining and managing metro apps in Windows 10 I have found a guide that actually works. It relies on a small app that makes a small change to the registry, allowing the user to take ownership of hidden/protected files and processes:

[Windows 10 Tip] Remove Cortana, Microsoft Edge, Contact Support and Feedback Apps

MacOS ch340

mac osx ch340 install WORKS!! under Yosemite

Signed Mac OS Driver for Winchiphead CH340 serial bridge

Letters from Fedora: conclusion

I have now worked out how to get a true dual-boot system running on my ASUS N55 Windows 7 laptop. With 4 exisiting partitions on my HDD, I shrank the OS volume to free up unallocated space, then I let the Anaconda installer do its job with default settings – I didn’t manually create /home, /boot, swap etc. And here’s Fedora 23 happily residing next to Win7:

linux drives

Letters from Fedora #3

Having successfully ran Fedora 23 from an external HD (on a Win7 laptop) for several weeks, the Linux OS (or the HD) failed. One fix suggested by a web trawl was to try booting with UEFI mode disabled in the BIOS, which didn’t work. But! Having UEFI mode disabled allowed me to install Fedora on my Windows volume, whereas this was an issue in the past – I didn’t have to change from MBR to GUID partition table. I simple shrank the Windows partition to free up 200GiB and let Linux install itself. Fedora 23 installed without a hitch, and I am now running a true dual boot system. And thanks to  Justin Yang, I now have access to Arduino, Processing and Supercollider using the realtime kernel and Jack for low latency audio.

Oh, and all my various Arduino boards and clones work perfectly (apart from my agéd NG sad face). Bring on Pure Data.

Downgrading from Windows 10

A great little article on how to revert to previous versions of Windows, if it turns out that 10 isn’t for you. A single CMD line will give you the original product key, and then you can use Microsoft’s site to reinstall the Windows version you want:

wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey

or look in the Registry: